Open Positions is a new non-confessional, non-political, multi-lingual (English, Arabic, and Lebnene), independent news initiative highlighting the voice of the people protesting on the streets of Lebanon. We don't write news stories. Instead we curate the most meaningful content and distribute it across any information media (whatsapp, twitter, facebook, etc).

There are thousands of images, videos, news articles from all sides of the equation surfacing every day, someone needs to organise them.
If you believe in the protests, and the right of the Lebanese people, specially the young, to get their voices heard and change the system, then please consider contributing.



Among the thousands of articles, images, and videos coming out of the protests every day lies (pun-intended) a lot of misinformation. With your journalistic training and unbiased attitude, you play the key role in ensuring the information being spread is factual and objective.

Social Media

After posts are confirmed for authenticity, the key task of spreading that information across the different social media sites falls in your hands. Interacting with citizen journalists, responding to comments, and getting the word out.


As a translator you will translate any headlines and social media posts between English, Arabic, French, and Libnene to get the people's voice heard by as many segments of Lebanese society inside and outside of Lebanon including expats and immigrants.